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I have been working with Plamen for more than 20 years. His ability to go out of his way to help others has made him stand out. Plamen can be a valuable asset to any project.

Laert Nina

Ho lavorato con Plamen più di una volta, in tutti i progetti si è rivelato una persona molto preparato,gentile,professionale e pronto ad assistere anche nella tarda serata. Per questo motivo lo suggerisco come collaboratore.

Chavdar Neykov

Работил съм многократно с г-н Крушков по различни проекти и мога да каже,че е много точен коректен в работата си. Изключително приятно и лесно се работи с него. Подкрепям и препоръчвам 🙂

Matthew Cross

I worked with Plamen on a long-term project and I found him to be very easy to work with, honest, and really dedicated to his job. I was really impressed by his skills and I hope to be able to work with him again soon!

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