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Testing TLS/SSL Encryption on Any Port is a free and open-source, feature-rich command-line tool used for checking TLS/SSL encryption enabled services for supported ciphers, protocols, and some cryptographic flaws How to Install and Use in Linux Important: You should be using bash (which comes preinstalled on most Linux distributions) and a newer OpenSSL version […]

How to Find Real IP address of Website Powered by Cloudflare

Cloudflare is one of the fastest-growing CDN providers, which has free and premium service to accelerate, optimize & secure websites. CrimeFlare This tool helps to find out the real IP behind the CloudFlare protected websites. This tool helps in searching for the genuine IP of a website that is protected […]

Best FTP and SFTP Clients for Linux (For You)

What to look for in an FTP/SFTP client? The answer to this question is really important . If you are a home user or just manage a WordPress site or other, you may be able to get away with a very simple file transfer client. All you may need is […]

Privacy is the most important in internet activity

Who owns your data? From corporations to criminals, there’s no shortage of people trying to access the information you generate online. Many feel unable to protect themselves from companies like Google and Facebook, but it doesn’t have to be a losing battle. Understanding data privacy and security is the first […]

Backup Software Linux – 5 ways to back up your data

1. Back In Time Back In Time is simple, old but one of the most widely used and preferred backup software for Linux and its distributions. What it does is that you have to predefined directories to backup and takes the snapshot of those directories on regular time interval. It […]